EPR/PRO Services

Each of our services are aimed at extending solutions that leave a better world for the generations to come.

EPR Services

We have a perfect solution to comply with your Extended Producer Responsibilities. Earth sense can act as a PRO for you to meet your EPR targets and for your take back programs. The multi locations and Pan India presence of Earth sense can help you to address obligations for the collection of your take back materials, using our warehouse as your collection centres as well. Achieving your target goals will be supported by Earth sense and the facilities like advertising, conducting awareness campaigns etc., will also be taken care by us. For more information regarding this, your customers can contact our help line which operates 24/7 at toll free number 1800-419-0161, which can support them in take back of their equipment’s. Earth Sense has facilitated our website for posting their enquiries regarding take back of their equipment’s for disposal as per Central Pollution Control Board norms.

PRO Services

Earth Sense is launching our PRO services to comply our customers Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR).

Ewaste Categories Accepted
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ESRPL Collection Mechanism
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Logistic Partners
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Collection Points
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