Why Us

Why Us

Each of our services are aimed at extending solutions that leave a better world for the generations to come.

Intellectual Property Protection

At Earth Sense, we understand how significant it is for you to secure confidential data and other proprietary information stored in your servers. While discarding the equipment, there lies a potential risk of the private data getting leaked. But with our Certified Data Destruction we make sure that your legacy data remains absolutely irretrievable.

Reverse Logistics

If you are stockpiling end-of-life electronics, you actually end up paying large annual costs in renting space for storage, the loss of use of space that could be used for storing revenue producing goods, and the burdensome time and administrative costs associated with organizing/planning storage related activities. With our Reverse Logistics services, we can schedule, collect and transport your end-of-life electronics to one of our many facilities.

Reporting Services

Having a thorough knowledge of the relevant state and federal regulations, we will assist your Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) personnel understand the rules, file the relevant documents and report to the appropriate agencies, thus helping you in all facets of regulatory compliance. In addition, we will provide regular reports, in a format that will make your compliance documentation and reporting as seamless as possible.

Resource Recovery

With our technology, more than 98% of the E-waste is recoverable and less than 2% of non-recyclables need to be disposed off through our Tie-up facilities (TSDF).

Contractual E-waste Management

If you would like to opt for a contractual E-waste Management for your facility, our services will include the destruction of de-bonding assets also. This would include the free-of-cost disposal of CFL lamps, Tube lights, Toner Cartridges, CD's and Floppies.

Minimal Turnaround Time

Our services entail the least amount of turnaround time - 24 hours within the receipt of information from your end - to collect and transport the e-waste from your premises.

Certified Solutions

As proof of your discarded asset destruction, we furnish an Asset Destruction Certificate in the format of your choice - either by way of hard/soft copy or in the digital form.

CSR Partner

With the growing need for all of us to reduce our carbon footprint, we at Earth Sense, are committed to partner your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. On our part, we help orient your employees about E-waste Management and Handling. We provide E-waste collection bins at your premises to dump the generated E-waste, which will then be collected by our vehicle once a week or on call basis. The collected waste will be disposed off through our facilities located at various places.

PRO Services

We have a perfect solution to comply with your Extended Producers Responsibilities. Earth sense can act as a PRO for you to meet your EPR targets for your take back programmes. The multi locations and Pan India presence of Earth sense can help you to address it as yours, for the collection of your take back materials, using our Warehouse as your collection centres as well.

Achieving your target goals will be supported by Earth sense and the facilities like advertising, conducting awareness campaigns etc, will be taken care by us. For more information regarding this please contact our help desk @ 1800-419-0161.