Our meticulous, step-by-step methodology of managing e-waste results in a hassle-free procedure for our clients

Employees who have been deputed to collect the E-waste are provided with protective gear. The equipment’s are segregated at source and appropriate measures are taken for transporting the collected waste.

The transporting vehicle will display Form -8 (Transport Emergency Information Card) and Form – 11 (Hazardous Waste carrying Identification Slip). We arrange a closed container for collection and ensure a smooth loading and unloading process and issue Form – 13 (Transport Manifest) in duplicates to the waste generator.

Based on size of the equipment and available components, segregation is done at our factory premises.

For dismantling, we have designed a table in-house, on top of which a dust protector and extractor are installed. Filtered through a HEPA filter, the collected dust will be automatically stored in an attached container after which it will be disposed off through the TSDF. CRT, CPU, Hard disk, SMPS, Printers, Fax machines, AC, Washing machines and Lab equipment’s are dismantled separately.

Every human born will need to consume 3.6 million pounds of minerals, metals & fuels in a lifetime. So it is the need of the hour to conserve the natural resources by recycling. Our recycling efficiency is to recover up to 99.3% of recyclable products and dispose off the balance hazardous waste through TSDF.